The xEV Industry Insider Report

Dr. Anderman with Panasonic executives at the Osaka headquarters

Visit to Samsung prior to publishing the xEV Industry Insider Report

After discussion with GS Yuasa and Li Energy Japan

At LG Chem’s facility in Nanjing, China

Dr. Anderman with three Honda Chief engineers for energy storage

Dr. Anderman’s visit at CATL’s new headquarters and production facility in Ningde

With Lishen executives at the new Suzhou facility

In the lobby of the Wanxiang facility

Dr. Anderman at dinner with Gotion’s R&D team

Dr. Anderman at BYD facility

Dr. Anderman’s visit to BJEV

An insider’s view of the future xEV market and the battery technology that will power it

Built on site interviews with over 15 global automakers and their leading battery suppliers, the Report assesses the pace of xEV market expansion based on global market conditions and the cost/benefit ratios of emerging vehicles and battery technologies

The xEV Industry Insider Report is:
  • Comprehensive: Covering both vehicle and battery technology and the xEV market
  • Technically deep: Reviewing cell and battery design, performance, cost, life, and safety
  • Insightful: Based on the input of executives from major automakers and their suppliers
  • Analytical: Examining which battery for which xEV and why
  • Impartial: A realistic, unbiased assessment of both technology and market by an independent expert

xEV Industry Insider
April 2019 edition available

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Key issues addressed in the Report

Global Markets

  • What is the ideal electric range?
  • Europe and the CO2 reduction targets
  • US Federal versus California
  • Tesla’s business model and future


  • Range versus cost and marketability
  • Demand for and impact of fast charge
  • International battery players


  • A transitional technology or a preferred solution?
  • Parallel or EREV architecture?
  • Vehicle cost versus the customers’ willingness to pay

Battery Technology

  • Trajectory of cell chemistry
  • Pouch, prismatic, or cylindrical?
  • Performance roadmap
  • Cell cost: production volume and materials pricing
  • Are solid electrolytes coming to market?
  • Beyond Li Ion?
  • Pack design and cost


  • 48V market versus advanced 14V
  • Battery solutions for advanced 14V and 48V systems
  • Impact on lead-acid business
  • Which cell and pack designs will win?



Benefit from our insights into the future cost, performance, and durability of advanced automotive batteries.

Battery producers:

Assess the direction of both the advanced automotive market and individual companies.

Material producers:

Learn about business opportunities and technical requirements for battery materials in the xEV market.

Energy providers:

Stay abreast of the technology and trends behind vehicle electrification.

Corporate and financial investors:

Gain insights into the technology and market challenges to better guide your investment decisions.