Business Development

Consulting for business developers and investors.

Menahem Anderman AABC 2014 handshake with Steve ClarkWith a unique combination of deep technical knowledge, product development expertise, and business comprehension, Dr. Anderman is a leading authority in assessing battery technologies for their business potential and recommending business strategies to maximize their chances of success in the marketplace.

Primary Services

Dr. Anderman can assist your team in the following areas of battery-related investment: For Materials and Cell Developers:

  • Competitive cost-performance analysis
  • Evaluating development activities and plans
  • Developing/evaluating business strategies
    - In-house production
    - Creating joint ventures
    - Licensing the technology
    - Selling

For Financial and Corporate Investors:

  • Competitive cost-performance analysis
  • Recommending technology investment
    - Acquisition
    - Joint venture
    - Licensing a technology