Previous Reports

For 16 years, Total Battery Consulting has provided up-to-date technology and market assessments of the rapidly growing field of energy storage for advanced automotive applications. TBC’s previous reports, authored by Dr. Anderman, include:
  • The 2000 California Air Resources Board Battery Panel Report
  • The 2002 Advanced Automotive Battery Industry Report
  • The 2005 Ultracapacitor Opportunity Report
  • The 2007 Advanced Automotive Battery Industry Report
  • The 2010 - 2011 Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Opportunity Report
  • The 2011 EV-PHEV Report
  • The 2013/2014 xEV Industry Insider Report
  • The 2014 Tesla Battery Report

Ordering Information

Contact us to learn more about these reports or purchase one. To purchase one of TBC’s current reports, review our information regarding The xEV Industry Insider Report or The Tesla Battery Report.