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The energy-storage industry is entering a period of rapid growth. Vehicle electrification is gaining momentum with 25-50% annual growth expected for the foreseeable future. The large, low-cost, high-performance batteries under development to meet automotive requirements are also gradually enabling other new, evolving markets, including specialized tools, utility storage, and off-road applications. It is prime time to invest in research, new materials, components, and production processes. But wise investments, by corporations or financial institutions anywhere along the supply chain, require insightful, comprehensive, and unbiased analyses of key parameters.

This is where the industry reports of Total Battery Consulting come in! In 2018 we are offering five reports, all geared to provide critical information on some key aspects of advanced-battery technology, applications, and markets.

Dr. Menahem Anderman’s comprehensive xEV Industry Insider Report dissects xEV and xEV-battery technology and scrutinizes vehicle- and battery-market forecasts by automakers and battery developers to 2025, revealing the likely trajectory of the industry. Based on Dr. Anderman’s on-site interviews with senior battery technologists and business development executives at 15 global automakers and their leading battery suppliers, the Report discusses the technological status and manufacturing positions of individual battery producers, pointing out the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese manufacturers who are best positioned for success. April 2019 edition available.

Battery Packs of Modern xEVs, a report authored by Kevin Konecky and Dr. Menahem Anderman, provides an expansive analysis of the battery-pack technology--including cells, modules, and subsytems – used in seventy-five of the most recent xEVs. Now available, the Report is a reference book for industry professionals and for those who are considering joining it. April 2019 edition available.

Li Ion Batteries and Beyond, is a unique report evaluating advanced battery R&D work across the globe and highlights the most promising materials and cell technologies that will enable advances in battery technology and, with it, market expansion. Authored by Prof. Martin Winter, this is critical assessment of what is in the research labs, what is likely to make it to the market, and why. Published February 2017.

Li Ion Battery Safety and Abuse Tolerance. Safety concerns arise when batteries are abused, used outside the design’s operational space, poorly designed, or beyond useful life. Heat generation and gas generation are the most common responses of batteries to abusive conditions--the most serious consequences occur when the stored energy is rapidly released in an unintended manner, triggering thermal runaway. December 2017 edition available.

The Tesla Battery Report, authored by Dr. Anderman, with detailed discussion of the gigafactory and the Model 3, provides insights into the company that became the world’s largest user of Li-Ion batteries overnight and a review of its battery technology. July 2017 edition available.

Dr. Anderman at Samsung

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The Authors

Menahem Anderman
Dr. Menahem Anderman,
President, Total Battery Consulting, Inc.
As the world’s leading independent expert on advanced automotive batteries, Dr. Anderman provides technological assessments to companies worldwide. His client list includes most major automakers, leading international battery developers and suppliers, financial institutions, and government agencies. His access to automakers and battery companies gives Dr. Anderman insight into the latest trends in the advanced-vehicle market. His corporate experience encompasses materials research, cell design, and battery engineering, as well as market and business development and general management.

Martin Winter
Prof. Martin Winter
Prof. Winter’s interests are in applied electrochemistry and electrochemical materials science. He has been active in the field of battery science and technology for 25 years and holds the positions of Chair, Applied Materials Science for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion, Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC); Founding Scientific Director, MEET Battery Research Center, WWU Münster, and Founding Director, Helmholtz Institute “Ionics in Energy Storage”. He was awarded the Electrochemical Society Research and Technology Awards and the International Battery Materials Association, respectively, and the Carl Wagner Memorial Award of the ECS.

Daniel Doughty
Dr. Daniel Doughty
Dr. Doughty founded his consulting firm in 2008 to provide independent expert consulting services for a wide range of battery safety issues, including failure analysis, test method development, interpretation of test results, expert witness and forensic consulting. In this capacity, he works with battery developers and integrators to secure and validate battery system safety under all foreseeable abuse conditions; he also assists standard and test organizations in establishing battery safety test standards.

Kevin R. Konecky
Kevin R. Konecky
Mr. Konecky is known for his excellence as a team leader and engineering manager in energy-storage systems and advanced automotive. He is skilled at new product design and development, product testing, integration of multiple sub-systems for vehicles, new product launches, and has expanded his skillset beyond batteries into power electronics. Mr. Konecky’s 18 years of engineering experience includes 15 years in the xEV industry.