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Gain clarity on the complex issues of the rapidly expanding market of electrified vehicles.
Total Battery Consulting (TBC), a private battery consulting firm, provides technology and market assessments to international clients and government agencies including the U.S. Senate, the California Air Resources Board, the National Research Council, the U.S. Department of Energy, and others. Other TBC clients over the last 12 years have ranged from Silicon Valley startups to some of the world's largest corporations.

Dr. Menahem Anderman, TBC president, provides expert, independent consulting services for a wide range of battery issues including power source technology assessment and product development, application and usage. As the world’s leading independent expert on advanced automotive batteries, Dr. Anderman is routinely quoted in news and business journals including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

Kevin Konecky has recently joined TBC as a consulting associate. His skills as a battery systems engineer and his experience in managing energy storage system design and validation are an excellent complement to Dr. Anderman’s expertise in cell technology and battery application and markets

The Tesla Battery Report, available September 2014, analyzes Tesla’s success to date and forecasts the impact it will have on automakers, battery producers and the future of the EV industry.  Dr. Anderman, an independent expert, provides insight into the company that became the world’s larger user of Li-Ion batteries overnight and of its battery technology, with EV market and EV battery market forecast to 2020.  He also explores the gigafactory’s cost, challenges and benefits.

Dr. Anderman’s comprehensive The xEV Industry Insider Report is based on his on-site interviews with senior battery technologists and business development executives at 15 global automakers and 25 of their current and prospective battery suppliers. The 2014 edition of the Report dissects current xEV and xEV-battery technology and provides an insightful assessment of the likely trajectory of the industry, including vehicle-and battery-market forecasts by automakers and battery developers. The Report also includes a detailed assessment of current Li-Ion battery technology, including design, performance, durability, safety, and cost, and prospects for improvement. The 2015 updated edition of the Report will be available December 2014.


“Dr. Anderman is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met in the battery field, particularly with regards to automotive applications. He exhibits a rare blend in his deep understanding of the technology and the markets. He is a consultant of the highest value.”

Richard A. Clark, Morgan Advanced Materials and Technology

“The EV-PHEV Opportunity Report is beneficial for all levels from Executive to R&D Engineer. Dr. Anderman provides a unique perspective after gathering input from all of the players in the industry. With the PHEV and HEV market poised for growth in the coming years, this report is beneficial for those looking to get into the action as well as individuals and companies that are already established.”

Steven Clark, Chrysler Group LLC

“I was very pleased with the content and transparency of the Report.”

Joep Huijsmans, Shell Global Solutions International

“Very well researched analysis by Dr. Anderman and very informative, an eye opener! …”

Matthew Stewart, Altair

“Our team studied Dr. Anderman's report very carefully and found it to be well written, carefully researched, and accurate with respect to the technical and commercial details. Moreover, his forecasts were well supported and very convincing.”

Dr. Eric Wasmund, Inco Special Products

The Tesla Battery Report

Available September 2014

“PolyPlus Battery Company has used Dr. Anderman's services over the past several years and we have always found Menahem to be efficient and competent in his approach to technical problems, and highly informed on new developments in the battery community. I recommend his services without reservation.”

Steven J. Visco, VP Research, PolyPlus Battery Company Inc.

“There is certain data that you just cannot get elsewhere and we rely on the Report’s analysis - especially cost information; it’s almost impossible to compare yourself with competitors by any other means. The market is getting bigger fast, so it is very valuable to us. It is worth the money - absolutely. No question.”

William Wallace, General Motors

“The xEV report is very valuable because it has such good technical related content; it helps us not only understand the commercial side of the market, but also the technical side of the market. It is definitely a good investment and good value.”

Ina Jiang, Rogers Corporation

“The xEV Report is relevant, it is not wading through, pages and pages of information to find what we are looking for. The information is exactly what we are looking for.”

Ted Miller, Ford


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